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Donal Botkin: images through my viewfinder

My father gave me my first camera, a Brownie, when I was seven and I was hooked! He liked photography as well and occasionally would let me use his equipment as I got older: a Kodak stereo camera and an early-model Polaroid. Later I moved up to his “old” camera: a nice roll-film model by Agfa. Since then a camera has always been close at hand, particularly in my post-college years serving during the Vietnam war.

After countless hours in the darkroom, I moved on to digital for a trip to the South Pacific from 1999 to 2004. It’s a good thing as the film and print services were hard to find, poor quality and very expensive. Mostly I use a Nikon D600 or the lightweight D40 or my old Sony DSC-R1. When I’m on the water, I use a Nikon with a waterproof case. I still shoot film, though not often, either with my old Hasselblad, Nikon F100 or one of my favorites, a Pentax Spotmatic that dates back to 1971 and my Navy years.
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